Ballet Flow is a fitness concept that provides a workout for everyone who is as passionate about movement as the Creative Director; Natalia Cordero has been doing her entire life.

At just five years old, she started her official training at Asbury Park Technical Academy of Dance in Asbury, New Jersey, where she began rigorous training in many different forms of dance.

Her love for dance blossomed into a passion as each year passed, so she decided to move her training to New York City at the Ballet Hispanico of New York, after which, she graduated from Montclair University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance.

Cordero has lived her life through the mantra of “keep moving forward until you can make your dreams, your reality.” 

After earning her degree, she launched a brand in the beauty industry, where she learned to assume many different roles with as much grace and power as her dance. She eventually relocated from New Jersey and New York to Miami, Florida, where she started offering private “dance” training lessons.

Her main goal with these lessons was to get her clients healthy and happy through dance.

The lessons that she created, just like the programs on Ballet Flow, were designed as a low-impact workout so they could be accessible to anyone.

As her clientele grew, she recognized a recurring question.

Her clients consistently asked,

“What form of dance would you recommend I learn as my foundation?”

Her answer has always been, and will always be ballet. She places high value on the dance form of ballet.

All of these lessons have pushed her to the position of Creative Director at Ballet flow, a program-based concept launched in Miami, Florida, but now available nationally.

Cordero joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellnes show Bloom to share how the exercise gives people a strong core and overall body workout.