Andrea Woroch, a U.S. News contributor, and nationally known shopping consultant joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom with Money Moves for new parents to fight inflation.

Andrea Woroch’s tips:

1. Stay put.

Parents often feel pressure to move into a bigger home or buy a bigger car to accommodate baby, but this puts unnecessary financial pressure on the family budget.

Considering the American Association of Pediatrics suggests babies sleep in the same room as mom and dad for up to a year, don’t rush into upgrading your space and taking on bigger expenses.

2. Rebalance your budget.

It’s no surprise babies bring a whole new set of expenses, some of which you may not be able to predict, making it ever more important to rebalance your budget to avoid debt and lower stress.

Begin by canceling services you don’t need or use like various subscriptions and lower cable by comparing rates and insurance by increasing your deductible. Since you’ll be home more to care for baby, take advantage of hooking up to your Wi-Fi network and downgrade your data plan or switch to a more affordable wireless carrier like Mint Mobile, offering monthly plans that include talk, text, and data for just $15.

3. Borrow or buy used.

Companies want you to think that those pricey baby gadgets will make raising a baby easier, but there are many unnecessary items you can live without. Rather than buying everything brand new, borrow from friends or family, shop used or rent baby gear through sites like

For essentials you need right away like a car seat or crib, shop sales and look for coupons.

4. Get a better credit card.

Reevaluate your credit card to ensure it’s giving you maximum rewards. Otherwise, open a new one that will work harder for you.

For instance, a flat-rate cash back card like the Bread Cashback American Express card offers an unlimited 2% back on everything you buy with no spending limit, so you earn more money back and use that cash to help pay for various purchases. You can even earn cash back by taking pictures of all your receipts using the Fetch Rewards app.

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