Daniella Park the Founder of Buttercreme Lane joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the Nationally Syndicated Health & Wellness show Bloom with how Culinary Art Therapy (CAT) can increase self-esteem, enhance brain development, and help people connect.  She told Guyardo “this is especially beneficial for kids with ADHD.”

She explained how her system Baketivity, which includes pre-measured ingredients and fun easy-to-follow recipes gives people exactly what you need to practice CAT with your kids.

Here are reasons Parks shared why you should be cooking with your kids:

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Baking soothes & sets the stage for children to open up without feeling like they are being put under a spotlight. I call it ‘Kitchen Therapy’.

● By engaging all 5 senses while baking you lock in happy memories they will have for a lifetime.

● Let your child fail, show them it’s okay when things don’t work out and how to recover from it. That’s one of the most valuable ways you can help your child!

● My 80/20 rule! You don’t have to have all the answers and ‘FIX’ your child. Spend 80% of your child’s time doing fun things they love and 20% finding tools & ways to support them with whatever they are dealing with.

● Parents, I promise you, it’s YOU who struggles more with what your child is going through, it is heartbreaking. Bake some time just for you with loved ones too and remember just keep showing up for your child, that stability plus their drive, is the start of a recipe I have seen create some of the most talented, empathetic & extraordinary human beings.

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