Vet Comp & Pen (VCP) is working to spread awareness about a problem it sees consistently throughout the country—veterans struggling to receive all of the disability benefits for which they are medically, legally and ethically qualified. VCP is the largest evidence-based veterans medical consulting firm working tirelessly to help veterans identify and properly document their potential disabilities along with developing the medical evidence needed to best ensure they receive all of the disability benefits they qualify for from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). 

Co-Founder and co-CEO of VCP Jim Hill says as a veteran himself, he’s grateful to have the opportunity every day to help Veterans when they need it most.

“At Vet Comp and Pen, we encounter many frustrated veterans who have given up trying to secure the disability benefits from the VA they know they qualify for,” Hill said. ”Still other veterans have been wrongfully denied their benefits due to a failure to recognize the medical evidence in support of disability claims. We specialize in identifying a veteran’s medical symptoms that may qualify for VA disability benefits and developing independent medical evidence that establishes a link to their military service so that the VA can award a claim.”Hill concluded by saying that while the outcome of each situation may vary based on an individual veteran’s circumstances, he believes the advantage of medical consulting is the potential to identify and document a greater number of existing injuries. Visit