Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, and a Mindful & Instinctive Eating Practitioner Cassandra Sampson joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom with fun ways to feed little ones nutritious and tasty foods in celebration of March being National Nutrition Month.

“This year’s theme is Fuel for the Future. When I think about the future, I think about the next generation and modeling healthy eating habits for our kids.” Sampson said.

She went on to point to research showing that parents’ eating choices can have a major influence on their children’s eating habits, especially with eating fruits and veggies.

“Healthy eating during childhood and adolescence is important for proper growth and development, strong bones and teeth, immunity and preventing numerous health conditions in the future.”, Sampson said.

She also pointed to under-recognized research that links poor nutrition’s impact on brain function, behavior and learning outcomes in school.

Sampson shared these food ideas for the kiddos.

Teddy bear toast RECIPE:
1 slice whole-wheat sandwich bread
1 tablespoon nut butter or seed butter
3 banana slices
3 fresh blueberries

1. Toast the bread in a toaster or oven until golden brown, about 2 minutes.
2. Spread the nut butter or seed butter evenly on one side of the toast. Place the banana slices on the toast to create the ears and snout. Add 2 blueberries for the eyes and 1 blueberry for the tip of the nose. Serve immediately.

Ants on a log RECIPE:
Celery sticks
Traditionally this is made with nut butter, but other alternatives include hummus, guacamole or plain yogurt can be used, and this is made with raisins but any other dried or fresh fruit.

1. Fill the celery sticks with nut butter or alternative filling.
2. Sprinkle with dried fruit and animal crackers.

Avocado Toast on a Rice Cake
•  Smashed avocado or premade guacamole
•  Lime juice
•  Cherry tomato 
•  Sprinkle of salt and black pepper
1. Smash the avocado, add lime juice & salt to it and spread it on the rice cake. Top it with cherry tomatoes, sprinkle some black pepper. Other variations include topping with fresh herbs and spices, sliced cucumber, peppers, yellow tomatoes, black olives and/or hard boiled egg.