Chad Walding is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, holistic health, and fitness coach, lifetime athlete, and speaker. He’s committed to helping people transform their lives through better ways of eating, moving and thinking.

Dr. Walding joins Gayle Guyardo on BLOOM to talk about his time living in a remote Amazon village with indigenous people to understand how far we have strayed from our ancestors when it comes to food, exercise and relationships.

“The NativePath is a journey; it’s an invitation to go down a journey to reclaim your health and remember who you really are. As a species and an individual, we’ve forgotten who we are because we’ve been brought into this world where we’ve been given a name and a label. We’re taught who we are as far as race, political ideology, or religion and we get caught up in those things. We also might get caught up in our diseases and think that’s who we are. Eventually, all of this starts to manifest itself as a little voice inside our heads. So at NativePath, we’re trying to remove all of that and give people a way out so they can realize that they’re the creator of their life.” said Dr. Chad Walding.