Vaccines are recommended for very young children because this is when they are most vulnerable to serious, life-threatening diseases.

The recommended schedule is designed to protect your child by providing immunity early in life, before he or she is exposed to dangerous diseases, and when the vaccines will produce the strongest response from your child’s immune system.

Amy Pisani, MS, the CEO, Vaccinate Your Family joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom and said “delaying a child’s vaccinations just increases the time that he is susceptible to dangerous, and potentially life-threatening diseases.”

She went on to say “as your child is growing and adapting to his new world, so is his or her immune system.”

From the time your baby is born, the immune system begins fighting off millions of germs (bacteria and viruses). Newborns may be immune to some infections because they’ve received antibodies from their mothers, but that protection begins to fade in the first months of life, leaving the baby vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Even breastfed babies need to be protected with vaccines at the recommended ages. While breast milk provides important protection from some infections (colds, ear infections and diarrhea), it does not protect children against all diseases. Your baby needs the long-term protection that can only come from making sure he or she receives all his vaccines according to the CDC’s recommended immunization schedule.

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