Teen Life Coach, Desiree Panliliio, joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom with tips to build trust with your teenager.

Panliliio said “as parents we are often heard saying my teen has to earn my trust, or I don’t trust my teen”, but doesn’t feels this is a good approach to building trust.

Panliliio provided these tips for parents:

1. Teens want parents to show up. If you as a parent tell your teen you will be at their soccer game/play or bring snacks for a club team you can not forget. Is anything more important than your teen?

2. Teens want parents to keep their secrets, from grades, to secrets they share with their parents  and even what college they have gotten into. Teens do not want us as parents to “gossip”  or share what they tell us. My rule was that if someone could be hurt I would have to share. But if my teen shared that their friend failed a test it was not my place to text that parent or share with other parents. If it is not my story we do not share what our teen tells us.

3. Last, teens want us to allow them to make their own mistakes and learn from them. It is frustrating if our teen fails a test but what they learn from that is invaluable, they learn what natural consequences are and that there behavior has a direct correlation to the outcome of an event. It is something as an adult we understand but the best way for our teen to learn that, is to live through it. Strangely enough our teens want to learn that and it helps them to build critical thinking skills and resilience. With that the bonus is to be our teen’s biggest cheerleader, mentor and supporter.  To cheer them on, to help them problem solve and when they make mistakes and they will support them as they figure out the solution, do not criticize and say “I told you so”.

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