The Brain Exercise Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on preventing memory loss through brain exercise, and help more seniors remember and thrive.

Participants are using special packets that use heavily researched techniques to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia, and the improvement with patients is remarkable in many cases.

The president of BEI and student at University of South California, Isabella Diaco, joins Gayle Guyardo on Bloom to talk about how people can become involved.

Patients receive packets with simple math problems, and materials to read aloud for just 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.  The materials inside are backed with extensive research.

Participants with Alzheimer’s are showing  marked improvements in cognitive function as tested by Mini Mental State Examinations (MMSE) and Frontal Assessment Batteries (FAB).

Many began to feel happier and improvements in communication and cognition were recorded. 

Near miraculous case studies were also observed. For example, an individual who was previously bedridden began to walk again after completing these exercises for six months.

Some patients showed improvements in bowel movement. 

The gentle mental activities used activated the prefrontal cortex, the control center for memory, cognition and planning.

These activities are currently being done in more than 1400 care that include about 15,000 patients in Japan.

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