Professional women are in the worst state they’ve ever been in and as a result, the number of women actively wanting to quit their jobs is at an all-time high, and new data proves it: A recent survey of 5,000 working women found that more than half of women want to quit their job in the next two years, and only 10% plan to remain with their current employer for more than 5 years. 53% report feeling more stressed than last year with 40% stating burnout is the main factor in their current search for new employment. 

There is no question that women have faced unprecedented challenges, including increased pressure to juggle responsibilities at work and at home, higher levels of burnout compared to men, lack of childcare, and more.

The Founder of Raze to Rise,Sara McElroy, is an ex-hustle culture devotee who rose to the C-suite at the age of 35 before becoming The Wall Street Journal’s poster girl for pandemic burnout after a devastating shingles diagnosis.  Now, she’s a speaker and career transition expert on a mission to help brilliant professional women unapologetically do the same.

Upon quitting her job after a health trauma, Sara found herself in the company of millions of other women who also set unfulfilling jobs ablaze to pursue new paths during the Great Resignation.

As she returned to her journalism roots to make sense of her own dizzying shift from a serial overachiever to a defector of two “perfect-on-paper” executive roles in just nine months, Sara began to explore the stories, breaking points, and defining moments that led these women to seek greater opportunity mid-pandemic.

These conversations with more than 125 women over the past year led Sara to launch Raze to Rise – a journalism project amplifying women’s voices from the Great Resignation.

Sara McElroy joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and lifestyle show Bloom with advice for women ready to make a career move.

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