While it’s a gift to live a long life most people don’t want to wear it on their face if it can be helped.

The good news is that there are numerous non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures to help people look their best at any age.

A globally recognized doctor at Ageless MD, Dr. TJ Tsay, joins Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom to showcase five non-invasive effective procedures for looking younger.

Dr. Tsay told Guyardo “You can achieve a younger, more refreshed look by lifting, firming, and smoothing out the skin without going under ‘the knife’ or enduring the long downtimes associated with surgery.”

Fillers are not just to enhance cheeks or plump lips. In fact, many people you would never suspect to have fillers get them regularly to maintain what you think is their youthful appearance. Fillers can strategically be placed on certain “lifting points” to create a “Liquid Facelift” by supporting the underlying ligaments of the face and to replace volume loss that has occurred from aging. Dr. Tsay’s favorite compliment comes from his patients telling him they look 10 years younger from doing this procedure correctly (and that people cannot even tell they got any work done!)
•   Neurotoxins: Botox, Dysport – Grimacing while staring at the computer, frowning at your toddler misbehaving, or excessively raising your brows to simply get your point across; all these movements can be relaxed to soften the inevitable lines that form when one uses their facial muscles which, in turn, cause wrinkles and eventually deep lines to set in. Dr. Tsay has helped celebrity clients to preserve the majority of their movements while smoothing out most of the dynamic lines.  “Microtox” or miniscule  droplets of neurotoxins can be “sprinkled” in specific areas just to give that effect.  Dr. Tsay and his team of providers at Ageless MD prefer their patients NOT to appear “frozen.”
•   RF Micro-Needling – We like to call this “Microneedling on steroids.” The acupuncture size needles are coupled to Radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate collagen production. This combination lifts and tightens the skin, smooths out fine lines/wrinkles, reduces acne scars/pore size, and helps lighten some pigmentation. Unlike traditional microneedling treatments, controlled radio-frequency energy targets deepest skin layers while leaving the outer layer of skin intact. Try the latest iteration of this technology called Sylfirm X.
•   PDO Thread Lift – Wеll-known in Asia, Europe, South America and now popular in America, this procedure utilizes absorbable sutures (yes, the kind you get when you have dissolvable stitches) to lift the midface, jowls, or snatch a jawline. Threads can also be used for the brows, neck, and even to lift or elevate a droopy nose tip. The threads are completely absorbed by the body in 6-8 months and, in the process, collagen is stimulated and formed in its place. There are no visible scars and results last up to 12 months.
•   Chemical Peels – Most people at least do a deep clean of their house once or twice a year; why wouldn’t you do the same with your face? Medical grade peels help rejuvenate skin by promoting faster cell turnover, addressing specific problems such as acne/scars, razor bumps, blemishes, melasma wrinkles, sun damage, or fine lines. Even those without a specific skin problem find chemical peels are a great way to restore/maintain a glowing complexion. Say YES to deep cleaning skin regularly!

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