In our “Window to the Weekend” segment sponsored by Renewal by Andersen, Chef Matthew Brennan, Taste of the Riverwalk Participating Chef and Keith Greminger with Friends of the Riverwalk join Bloom Host Gayle Guyardo in the Bloom kitchen to cook up tuna tacos and talk about the Tampa Riverest & Taste of the Riverwalk happening May 5 & 6 all along the Tampa Riverwalk including Curtis Hixon and Waterworks Parks. It’s a FREE, family-friendly event that showcases all the Riverwalk has to offer. There’s a full concert series of live music, vendors, activities, a closing Lantern Parade and plenty of food.



3  corn tortilla (4 inches)

4 oz –  Ahi tuna (4 ounces)

Pickled chili (as needed)        

2 T poblano tartar  (1 ounce)            

¼ C  cabbage criolla salad (1.5ounce)

1/8 T  vinaigrette (.33 ounce)

2 lime wedges            

Micro greens   (for garnish)                                       

Pinch black salt (for lime wedge)                   

Salt and black pepper to taste


Season the tuna with salt and black pepper, sear the chili ancho crusted ahi tuna on the flat top. Cut the tuna into 6 thin slice. In the meantime reheat the corn tortillas and toss the cabbage criolla salad with the house vinaigrette; assemble the tacos with the corn tortilla, add poblano tartar, then the sliced tuna. Add on top the tossed cabbage salad, the pickled chilies and garnish with micro greens and lime wedges with black salt.


Cabbage Criolla Salad

½ C – purple cabbage(shaved) (4oz)

½ C – napa cabbage(shaved)    (4oz)

½ C – red onion(shaved thin)   (4oz)

1/3 C – sweet pepper shaved   (3oz)

1/3 C- chopped cilantro           (3oz)

Pinch of kosher salt


Combine all the ingredients


Poblano Tartar

1st step charred poblano:

poblano pepper   (1 each)

3 T – canola oil      (.5 ounce)


Rub the chilies poblano with the oil (either with hands or with a brush). Place the poblano chili on top of the grill, once they are charred, remove from the grill. Cover the chilies with a plastic wrap (so the chilies can sweat and it will be easy to peel). Let them rest for around 30 minutes. Peel the poblano chilies with a small knife and gloves, (remove the charred skin) remove the seeds and the stem. Cut poblano chilies into a small dice and reserve. Note: Do not peel the chilies in running water, otherwise you ́ll lose all the flavors.

2nd step finalize the poblano tartar:

1 – charred poblano pepper(minced)

2 C – mayonnaise

¼ C – pickled chilies (minced)   (2 ounce)

2 T – pickled chili juice               (1 ounce)

ají amarillo paste

Pinch of turmeric                    (1 gram)

Zest of 1 lemon

Pinch of red onion (diced)        (.6ounce)

2 T -agave nectar                        (1ounce)

Salt as needed


Mix everything well and check for taste.

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