TAMPA (BLOOM) – The author of, “Treasured Chest, Exposing Explants & Empowering You!”, Andi Lew joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom to share her journey of breast implant illness and how a leaking implant was causing her body to slowly shut down.

“Breast implants are creating new capsule cancers, undetected ruptures, and are affecting millions across the globe.”, said Lew.

The bestselling author is out with her 10th book to support women who want their breast implants removed.

In her new memoir and guide Lew shares how she almost died due to an undetected rupture that six surgeons and an MRI didn’t pick up. Lew takes readers through her explant journey, as shares how the new complete capsulectomy surgery is on the rise.

“There is a new paradigm shift, Google search volume for breast implant removal up 235%, for explant up 527%.” said Lew.

She went on to say, “explant surgery generally cost $14,000 that is not covered by health insurance.”

Lew is also working to educate women about how implants can leak.

“You don’t need a traditional hole for there to be a rupture. Silicone is not inert. Saline is no better. Many capsules are being removed with cancers and the implants with mold.” said Lew.

She went on to say, “The entire body goes into a slow shutting down as he perceives the implant as a foreign invader and inflammatory driver.”