TAMPA (BLOOM) Mindset & Performance Coach Debbie Lundberg joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom to help viewers find what motivates them.

“When people are trying to find what motivates them keep in mind motivations is universal to all and personal to you.”, said Lundberg. The phrase suggests that while the concept of motivation is something that applies to everyone, the specific things that motivate individuals can vary greatly and are deeply personal.

“Be mindful not to confuse inspiration with motivation.
everyone is motivated, and nobody is lazy. We call them lazy or crazy when they think and act differently than we think they could, should or we would.”, said Lundberg.

Lundberg said most people are driven by time, money, people and opportunity. “The top two cause us to stay or go in a relationship or at a job or any opportunity.”, said Lundberg.