Tampa (BLOOM) – Age-management medicine, also known as anti-aging medicine or longevity medicine, is a medicine focused on optimizing health and well-being as we age. It takes a proactive approach to aging, aiming to prevent age-related diseases, maintain vitality, and enhance the quality-of-life vs the traditional reactive medicine focused on disease management.

Pillars of Age-management medicine.

Prevention:  Looking into preventive measures, early detection, and a proactive approach to disease prevention. 

Concierge Medicine: A personalized tailored approach to each patient.  We look at you as an individual and tailor a program that meets your unique health status, genetics, and lifestyle.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement: Hormones deplete as we age and deplete at a faster rate and are depleted in younger and younger patients, some in their twenties.  Hormone replacement can restore one’s hormones to their youthful balance.  The link to longevity and vitality with hormone replacement makes them an essential key to longevity.  Exercise and Fitness: Encouraging regular physical activity and exercise to maintain cardiovascular health, muscle strength and bone health.

Weight Loss and Nutritional Optimization: Obesity in America is at an all-time high and many of the disease processes that plague us as we age are secondary to this epidemic.  Gaining and maintaining a healthy weight is essential to aging well.  Understanding one’s nutritional deficiencies and dietary needs allows the body to function optimally and heal and repair itself.

Sleep Improvement: Obtaining and maintaining quality sleep is of the upmost importance in overall health and wellbeing.

Brain Health: Cognitive health and supporting brain function through lifestyle changes and early intervention.

Sexual Wellness: As we age our sexual health can begin to decline.  Age management looks for ways to maintain and optimize one’s sexual health.  Healthy sex life lowers the rate of stress related diseases, maintains health and vitality, and improves marital outcome.

Stress management: Chronic stress causes a depletion of our hormones and adds to premature aging and various health problems.  Addressing stress and implementing ways to reduce the effects of stress reduces the long-term effects that stress has on the body. Age management medicine does not aim to deny the aging process entirely but aims to helps us age gracefully and live our best possible life for as long as we.  Age Management medicine allows individuals to enjoy a higher quality of life as they grow older by promoting early prevention, healthier lifestyles and optimizing our own bodies so the function, health and repair themselves.

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