TAMPA (BLOOM) – Author and Fertility Coach Erica Hoke who is known as the “The Infertile Mom of Four”, joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom to share ways to support someone going through the emotional journey of infertility.

Hoke is out with the Infertility Success Series. Her first book partly highlighted her personal journey of being the infertile mom of 4, who had a stunning 1% chance of conceiving. After struggling for years with undiagnosed endometriosis, uterine fibroids, PCOS, thyroid disease, factor 5 Leiden and MTHFR, and unable to participate in IVF, she was able to get to the bottom of her infertility issues via continual changes to her diet and lifestyle.

“Infertility can be very isolating and avoiding the topic can worsen the isolation, so try to find ways to encourage open conversation with the one you love.” said Hoke.

She went on to say, “Be there to listen and be comforting without judgment or unsolicited advice.”

Hoke provided these tips if you are part of the support system:

1)Educate yourself about infertility. Don’t rely on the person you care about to do that for you. It shows you care, and it will help you support that person.
2) Talk about practical ways that you can support them. This might look like helping with household chores, providing a meal or going to an appointment with them. Also childcare for those experiencing secondary infertility.
3) encourage self-care whether it’s professional therapy, taking time off or finding ways to reduce stress like prayer, meditation or exercise