Dr. Florence Comite the Founder of the Comite Center for Precision Medicine and Health joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom for Women’s Health Month.

Dr. Florence Comite talked about what women should know about hormone health including new push to bring over-the-counter birth control to market.

Dr. Florence Comite talked about the critical role of hormones (including testosterone) in overall health and how the long-term use of hormonal birth control (which many women rely on!) can influence our hormones and health outcomes.

“Hormones affect every function in the body and serve as messengers from our brain.”, said Dr. Comite. 

She went on to say “If they fail to work optimally, our aging bodies will set out the welcome mat to disease.”

Dr. Comite also discussed the impact of thyroid function.

“The thyroid releases T3 and T4 hormones which regulate weight and metabolism, hair/skin/nail health growth and internal temperature.” said Dr. Comite.

“What’s more, approximately one-in-eight women will develop thyroid problems in their lifetime, and most are unaware of the condition.” said Dr. Comite.

She went on to say quality sleep is just as important as exercise since it influences cortisol levels, which regulate hormones in the body and can impact energy levels, sex drive, cognition and more.

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BLOOM is Tampa Bay’s only daily 1-hour TV show focusing on health & lifestyle.

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