Double-Certified Nutritionist, Martha VanCamp, joined Gayle Guyardo, the host of the global health and wellness show, Bloom, to share her own incredible weight loss journey and answer your most asked questions.

VanCamp says, “anyone can do it. Literally anyone”, but she emphasizes that it’s not about the number on the scale being low. “Just because a number looks low, doesn’t mean you’re truly healthy, so any wellness and weight loss journey has to begin with healing from the inside out, and the goal should never be just to get to a very low number on the scale.”

Most Asked Questions:

  1. How long did it take you to lose 135 pounds?

VanCamp says, “it took me 8 years. You know what, we have a lifetime and we get to choose how we pave the road of life. So for me, and I would encourage anyone who’s going on a wellness journey no matter what phase you’re in, is to not focus on that end line. We have a long marathon to run here and it doesn’t matter if it takes you 8 years or 10 years to reach your goal because guess what’s going to happen? When you start that marathon that you’re running, you’re going to fall down, right, you’re going to need extra water, you’re going to feel out of energy… You can’t expect that the day you start a wellness journey you’re going to get to the finish line quickly.”

2. What are your thoughts on the 80/15/5 rule?

VanCamp says, “80% of your attention, your effort, needs to go to the food that you are putting in your mouth. 15% of your attention needs to go to strength training. We don’t have a fat issue in America; we have a lack of muscle issue in America. So, strength training has to be priority way over cardio”, which should hold 5% of your attention.