TAMPA (BLOOM) – Chiropractor Dr. Michael Sosa of Westchase Chiropractic dedicates a lot of his time helping his patient find ways to eat more nutritious foods and believes learning how to read food labels is critical to making better food choices.

Dr. Sosa joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom to share tips with viewers.

“It’s important to gain a deeper understanding of food labels and to utilize them effectively in our pursuit of improving our health and nutrition goals.”, said Dr. Sosa.

He even share how to read labels on fruits and vegetables. Dr. Sosa said it’s important to take note of the tiny stickers on your fruits because the voluntary labels tell you whether you are purchasing organic or conventionally grown produce.

Organically grown fruits and vegetables have labels with five digits starting with the number 9.
Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables have labels with four digits. If the code contains more than five digits, it is not part of the internationally standardized system.

Dr. Sosa also said it’s important to know what we should steer clear of and what we should aim to look for so that we can approach grocery shopping with a focus on both enjoyment and optimizing our health outcomes.