Licensed clinical psychologist Ashley Vigil-Otero, Psy.D., LLC, joined Bloom with ways to deal with the guilt that comes along with parenting.

1. Radically accept we will be stumped and humbled as parents, and we will make mistakes; the parenting mistakes are our teachers.

Do an autopsy of the bad moments where you failed; take the time to self-reflect after the chaos; look at the challenge with KIND CURIOSITY and self-compassion.

2. Teach Children the Power of Repair: This is important not just for healthy relationship and positive conflict resolution, but also so that your child can have healthy relationships with loved ones outside of the home in present and future relationships

3. Know the Long-term Dangers of NO LIMITS, NO Accountability

When we over-accommodate and don’t teach the skill or set the limit, we are setting our kids up for unrealistic expectations and chronic disappointment.  (entitlement)

4. The WAY you set the limits is crucial. There is something called soft power; where we can still be strong and connected to our child when we set the limit; We can be firm and cherish the child at the same; this is key because the way we speak to our children becomes their self-talk; want to do this without shame.

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