TAMPA (BLOOM) – Psychologist & Consultant, Irma Campos, PhD, joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom to share ways to de-stress before the holidays.

“The best way to de-stress is to through self-compassion.”, said Dr. Campos.

Dr. Campos went on to say it’s important to it’s important to figure out what expectations will be expected of you over the holidays, and the expectation of others you will be spending time with at gatherings and parties.

“We should reflect on if those expectations are realistic and, if they are not, how we may proceed based on that information.”, said Dr. Campos.

She went on to say, “For many of us, we may struggle with not meeting our own or others’ expectations, but the concept of self-compassion, or the ability to be aware and nonjudgmental toward what is happening within us, can help.” said Dr. Campos.