Kaitlin Lowey MHCI, joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom with ways to cultivate happiness.

Lowey said “Neuroscientists and psychologists have spent decades studying happiness, and they’ve confirmed what philosophers, gurus, and grandparents have told us for thousands of years about how to cultivate happiness and that involves purpose, presence, and people.” 

She went on to say “Find out what you’re good at and what you enjoy, and figure out a way to do more of those things, whether that’s in your career or outside of work.”

Lowey recommends setting achievable goals, and applying your strengths and the type of activities you enjoy to work towards those goals. 

“The key is to maximize your time in a state of flow, where you’re stretching yourself in a motivating way.  In other words, both enjoying the journey and the destination.” said Lowey. 

She went on to say, “On top of all of that, consider how the work you are doing is contributing to the betterment of the world or just one person, even if it’s in a very small way.”

Lowey explained that is can be overwhelming to pick just one purpose and that it’s ok to not have it figured out. 

“You can still find purpose in each moment, contributing your gifts based on what is needed.” she said. 

Lowey also talked about the importance of presence.

“My grandma told me 10 years ago, no matter where you are, be there, these are wise words I hold onto.” said Lowey.

Lowey believes life is meant to be experienced in the moment. Slow down and enjoy it and allow yourself to take a break from the to-do lists and planning for the future.

“If you have trouble doing this, ground yourself in gratitude. Take a few deep breaths and ask, what am I grateful for right now, at this moment?” said Lowey.

Lowey also recommends meditation is another powerful tool to train your brain to allow yourself to be present.

“And don’t forget to play.”, Lowey exclaimed. “We can learn a lot from watching children. They allow themselves time and freedom to be completely absorbed in whatever they are doing, even if it’s not productive, especially if it’s not.”

Lowey says the people in your life are also extremely important.

“Close, warm, authentic relationships are the biggest contributor to happiness.” she said. 

“Find the people you like, and spend as much quality time with them as you can in person.”

Lowey went on to say, “Give as much as you get. Be the kind of friend and partner you would like to have: remember birthdays, check in on them, celebrate and encourage them, and create opportunities for authentic connection.”

Lowey says if you are in committed romantic relationships, treat your partner with the same respect, kindness, and love you would give to a close friend. 

“Nobody is perfect, so don’t expect your partner to be. Choose to focus on the great qualities in your partner, and communicate your fondness and admiration for them.” said Lowey. 

The number one takeaway for cultivating happiness according to Lowey is practicing gratitude. 

“It’s easy to find gratitude during the good times. It’s less easy in the hard times. But finding something to be grateful for, even something as small as the opportunity to learn from a failure or for the food on your table, gives us small doses of happiness and rewires our brain to recognize more of the good things going forward.” said Lowey.

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