Tampa (BLOOM) – As the tail-wagging excitement builds up for National Dog Day on Aug. 26, Camp Bow Wow, the doggy day care and boarding franchise, is ready to roll out the red carpet for its annual unveiling of the top dog breeds for 2023. Drawing from a vast database of nearly 400,000 Campers spanning the U.S. and Canada, this year’s list promises intriguing insights into canine preferences.

Camp Bow Wow’s Unique Ranking Approach

The list isn’t confined to purebreds or pedigrees alone; it’s a blend of purebreds, mixed-breeds, and even trendy crossbreeds such as the irresistible doodles.

Large Breeds: A Familiar Champion and Its Court

For larger dog breeds, there’s one breed that seems to have woven itself into the fabric of Florida’s hearts: the Labrador Retriever. Securing the top spot for the second consecutive year, these lovable retrievers have cemented their position with their boundless energy and heartwarming disposition. Not far behind is the Goldendoodle, flaunting its unique charm and charisma. The podium is further graced by the Golden Retriever, a true classic in the realm of dog breeds. The list’s diversity continues with the steadfast German Shepherd and the remarkably intelligent Australian Shepherd, forming a compelling top five.

Small Breeds: Miniature Royalty and Other Precious Gems

Turning the spotlight onto smaller breeds reveals an array of adorable contenders. The Miniature Poodle strides to the forefront, showcasing its elegance and refined demeanor. The endearing Chihuahua takes a graceful leap onto the list, followed by the irresistibly cuddly Shih Tzu. Adding to the ensemble are the inquisitive Beagle and the pint-sized dynamo, Yorkshire Terrier.

Choosing the Perfect Pooch: Insights from Camp Bow Wow’s Expert

In the quest to find the ideal furry companion, one can turn to the expertise of Camp Bow Wow’s Animal Health and Behavioral Expert, Erin Askeland. Askeland emphasizes factors like family dynamics, lifestyle, and daily routine play in selecting the right canine match. Small breeds, with their penchant for apartment living and lower energy levels, are a match made in heaven for certain lifestyles. On the other hand, larger breeds, brimming with activity, require more space to roam. However, Askeland reminds us that exceptions always keep life interesting.

“Some small breeds are big dogs at heart — for example, even the smallest terriers tend to be high-energy and need lots of attention and exercise, while a large dog breed like a Great Dane is known to be fairly calm and lower-energy,” Askeland said. “Although breed tendencies matter, they shouldn’t be the sole determining factor when welcoming a new furry family member. At Camp Bow Wow, every breed is celebrated, and every dog deserves a loving home.”

Florida’s Top Dog Picks: A Statewide Canine Census

When it comes to dogs, Florida has spoken, and Camp Bow Wow is here to reveal the most sought-after breeds that have captured the hearts of Sunshine State residents. The list, derived from Camp Bow Wow’s extensive database, underscores the unique preferences that shape the canine landscape in the state.

A Familiar Champion Returns: Labrador Retriever

At the forefront of Florida’s canine admiration stands the Labrador Retriever, claiming its rightful place as the reigning champion for the second consecutive year. Known for their friendly disposition and boundless energy, Labradors have solidified their status as Florida’s top choice. This breed’s unwavering popularity showcases the enduring appeal of their versatile nature, making them equally adept as loving family pets or energetic playmates.

Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers: A Winning Duo

In the realm of beloved breeds, the Goldendoodle emerges as a crowd favorite, securing its well-deserved position as the second most sought-after breed in Florida. With their charming blend of Goldendoodle’s intelligent poodle lineage and the friendly demeanor of Golden Retrievers, these dogs bring a unique combination of attributes that resonate with Floridians.

Adding to the luster of Florida’s canine landscape, the Golden Retriever claims its own spot in the limelight. Their gentle and affectionate nature, combined with their striking golden coats, make them a perennial favorite among families, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking a loyal companion.

German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds: Trusty Companions

The love for intelligent and loyal companions is evident in Florida’s affinity for German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds. These breeds, known for their sharp minds and unwavering loyalty, hold strong positions in the hearts of dog enthusiasts across the state. Whether it’s the German Shepherd’s protective nature or the Australian Shepherd’s agile and herding instincts, these breeds cater to a range of lifestyles and preferences, earning them a well-deserved place on Florida’s list of top canine picks.

Lifespan Insights: Big Differences Between Sizes

Aside from behavioral disparities, the lifespan of dogs showcases marked differences based on size. Smaller dogs enjoy a longer life, often living between 12 to 15 years or more, while their larger counterparts typically have lifespans spanning around 8 to 12 years. This serves as a reminder to cherish every moment we have with our beloved companions.