The author of “Unraveling: A Woman’s Search for Freedom and the Journey of Coming Home”, Marta Hobbs, joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom to share her personal journey and how she has made it her new life mission to help others heal from trauma.

Hobbs known as a story-teller, truth seeker  spiritual teacher, soul-led mentor and entrepreneur truly has a compelling story.  

She was born in Szczecin, Poland and immigrated to the United States at the age of 13, fleeing the communist oppression of her homeland as a political refugee with her parents, younger sister and dog.

Hobbs explains the challenges of immigration to and assimilation in the USA left her with deep scars and pushed Hobbs to relentlessly pursue “The American Dream.” 

“I went from not knowing a word of English to graduating from Hofstra University, building a successful career in television production and eventually founding I also met and married the love of my life and became a mom to two incredible children – Mira and AJ – my life’s greatest treasures. Daisy completed our family.” Hobbs shared on her website.

After selling her travel company and seemingly making it to the top of her world, Hobbs started experiencing major health issues that she would later find out were all directly tied to her early childhood trauma.

Today Hobbs runs a a spiritual self-care practice, SoulCareTM, where she takes people through healing sessions.

“We have forgotten how sacred life is and what a gift it is to be alive. Constantly running, chasing, pushing ourselves to get things done, to succeed and achieve. Now more than ever we are finding ourselves feeling stressed, exhausted, stuck, anxious and disconnected. Surrounded by a sense of lostness, confusion and lack of purpose, we feel the urgency to do something about it, to fix it. We feel alone with this inner struggle and we stay busy to escape this nudge from within that something needs changing. We believe the next job, a better relationship, a bigger house/apartment or a new city will make it all ok. But it never lasts.”, are feelings Hobbs shared on her website that resonates with so many people, especially women.

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