Tampa (BLOOM) – Tampa Bay’s culinary scene has gained a captivating addition. Tucked away within the charming Westchase community, Doodle Noodle Bar offers a fun and yummy experience reminiscent of stepping into the pages of a black-and-white comic book. I recently had the pleasure of exploring this soup and noodle joint, and immersing myself in its unique ambiance.

Upon crossing the threshold, Eddy Souvannavong’s intricate sketches immediately transported me to a world of imagination and creativity. The walls, adorned with his meticulously hand-drawn designs, seemed to pulse with life, creating an atmosphere that was both immersive and intriguing. Eddy’s dedication to his craft, evident in every traced line, added a personal touch to the restaurant’s already captivating allure. All the drawing was done with sharpie!

My journey through Doodle Noodle Bar’s offerings began with milk tea and crab rangoons. The rangoons were extra crispy triangles with a burst of delectable indulgence. With a satisfying crunch, I discovered a luscious filling that seamlessly combined crab and cream cheese. it was delicious and very hot!

The Pork Belly Soup—an embodiment of comfort and flavor. The steaming bowl arrived adorned with a medley of fresh herbs and toppings that hinted at the vibrant flavors to come. As I took my first savory sip of the broth, a symphony of tastes unfolded. The tender pork belly melted in my mouth, and the harmonious blend of spices and aromatics danced on my palate. The noodles were the perfect exture and taste. This dish was an instant favorite, a testament to the kitchen’s skill in crafting a soul-warming, yet creatively reimagined, classic.

As a sweet conclusion to my culinary escapade, the Sugar Donuts were presented—a delightful homage to nostalgia and innovation. These bite-sized treats were coated in a fine layer of sugar, each bite revealing a tender interior that carried a hint of warmth. They were covered in chocolate and condensed milk which was delicious. The marriage of tradition and creativity was evident in every morsel, encapsulating the essence of Doodle Noodle Bar’s ethos. They don’t claim to be authentic, but they are delicious.

Reflecting on my visit, I wholeheartedly recommend Doodle Noodle Bar to fellow noodle enthusiasts and culinary adventurers. The harmonious convergence of art, ambiance, and flavor makes for an unforgettable experience that beckons exploration. From the artistic decor that sparks joy to the meticulously crafted dishes that ignite the palate, Doodle Noodle Bar is a great casual spot to grab a drink and a bite. Plus the portions are very generous!

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