Researcher and Professor Dr. Joseph Dituri aka Dr. Deep Sea joins Gayle Guyardo the host of the nationally syndicated health and wellness show Bloom to talk about his experience living more than 100 days underwater and his new research and health findings. According to the American Sleep Association between 50-70 million Americans report issues with sleep. Dr. Dituri focused on sleep in his research on the mission. Pre-mission, Dr. Dituri was experiencing REM and deep sleep at about 30%. These numbers sky-rocked during Dituri’s mission, where he was sleeping 60% REM and deep sleep. Within a month of resurfacing, Dituri went back to getting about 30% of REM and deep sleep.

Other NEW findings include:

  • Height decreased by ¾ inch during the mission and Dituri has yet to regain it back post mission.
  • Cholesterol went down and stayed down without a change in diet by ~26% and has remained low post-mission.
  • Inflammatory markers dropped by ~60% and continue to drop post-mission.
  • Coherence increased in brainwave activity by ~12% and remained high post mission.
  • Oxidative stress has decreased by ~85% since the start of the mission and has remained low post-mission. Oxidative stress an increase ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) which can play several physiological roles (i.e., cell signaling), and they are normally generated as by-products of oxygen metabolism; despite this, environmental stressors (i.e., UV, ionizing radiations, pollutants, and heavy metals) and xenobiotics (i.e., antiblastic drugs) contribute to greatly increase ROS, therefore causing the imbalance that leads to cell and tissue damage

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