TAMPA (BLOOM) – The city of Clearwater is about to become an even more pet-friendly community with the highly anticipated opening of Camp Bow Wow, the premier doggy daycare and boarding franchise, set to welcome furry friends starting November 8. This marks the first Camp Bow Wow in the Clearwater area and the third in the greater Tampa Bay region, indicating a growing demand for high-quality pet care services.

The Clearwater-Carillon location, a stone’s throw from the convenience of the St. Pete-Clearwater Airport, is an ideal solution for pet parents looking for quality care, especially when travel takes them away from home. The Camp is under the passionate leadership of Clearwater resident Brandi Edberg, a seasoned professional with two decades of operational management experience with industry giants such as Amazon and UPS. Her transition to pet care was sparked by the love for her French Bulldog and the positive experience at a Camp Bow Wow location three years prior.

Camp Bow Wow Clearwater-Carillon isn’t just another pet care facility; it’s a 10,000-square-foot canine paradise. The space boasts three indoor and three outdoor play areas, allowing dogs to play and socialize safely and happily. With 115 cabins and luxury suites available for overnight stays, along with teacup suites specially designed for smaller breeds, there is a comfortable spot for every dog. The facility ensures that pet parents can have peace of mind through live webcams to check in on their pups at any time.

The all-inclusive care at Camp Bow Wow Clearwater-Carillon offers more than just fun and games. The safety and well-being of every “Camper” are paramount, with all staff trained in pet CPR and educated in canine behavior and health. According to Brandi Edberg, the Camp’s owner, the facility stands out not just for its premium services but also for providing “the highest levels of safety, fun, and enrichment.”

The Camp also caters to canine grooming needs, offering a comprehensive range of options to ensure that dogs not only have a blast but also return home looking their best.

Camp Bow Wow Clearwater-Carillon operates daily from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and is located at 13214 38th St. N., Clearwater, FL 33762. They even sweeten the deal for first-time visitors by offering the first day of Camp free following a successful same-day interview.

For pet parents and their beloved canines in Clearwater, Camp Bow Wow represents more than a daycare and boarding facility; it’s a community space where dogs can enjoy unparalleled care and companionship. This new addition to the area reflects the growth and evolution of pet care services, highlighting the community’s love for its canine companions and the desire for innovative solutions to pet care.