TAMPA (BLOOM) – In a groundbreaking fusion of video game culture and classical music, the extraordinary “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony” is set to dazzle audiences. This much-anticipated concert is coming to the Tampa Bay. Organizers promise it to be a journey through the heart and soul of video game history.

Produced by Jason Michael Paul, the creative mind behind the first stateside FINAL FANTASY concerts and The Legend of Zelda symphony series, “Heroes” aims to be an immersive experience. It celebrates the hero’s journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, a narrative seen across various forms of media, including the video games that the concert honors.

The concert will showcase music from a plethora of iconic games such as World of Warcraft, The Last of Us, FINAL FANTASY, and many more. Each piece, performed by a 70-piece orchestra accompanied by a choir, has been meticulously arranged to capture the essence of its respective game, providing both new and long-standing fans with a fresh perspective on their favorite soundtracks.

Other cities gearing up for this sonic adventure include Monterrey, Mexico City, and Chicago, with tickets for the Tampa Bay show going on sale on Cyber Monday, November 27. This tour is not just a celebration of video game music; it’s a tribute to the memories and emotions tied to these digital worlds.

Beyond the music, “Heroes” will also offer exclusive officially licensed merchandise and plans to release an official recording of the concert in 2024. This initiative by Jason Michael Paul Entertainment, a company known for its innovative approach to live symphonic concert production, promises to be a landmark event in the fusion of video game culture and classical music.

This concert series isn’t just a night of music; it’s a celebration of the heroes we’ve become in the countless worlds video games have offered us. For more information on this spectacular event and to purchase tickets, visit www.heroes-symphony.com.

Behind the Symphony: Jason Michael Paul on “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony”

The Genesis of Heroes

The story of “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony” begins with a successful journey through the realms of Hyrule in “The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses.” Jason Michael Paul, the visionary behind this new symphonic experience, was inspired to embark on another adventure, this time encompassing a broader spectrum of the gaming universe. “Having read Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, The Hero’s Journey, and playing Chinese Room’s Dear Esther, it clicked that a narrator and the story of the hero would be a good framework,” Paul shares. In “Heroes,” the spotlight shines on over 17 video game franchises, each contributing to the narrative of a hero’s journey.

A Personal Touch to Selection and Arrangement

When it comes to choosing the games and music for “Heroes,” Paul’s personal favorites play a significant role. “Newly released Starfield, The Elder Scrolls games, old school Castlevania, FINAL FANTASY, World of Warcraft, newly added Diablo… Every title is selected because it is the best of the best,” he explains. This personal connection ensures that the concert resonates not just with the audience but also reflects Paul’s two decades of experience and passion for video game music.

The arrangement process for the symphony is a meticulous one, starting with the original compositions. “Nowadays, a lot of the music is recorded with orchestra and chorus. That provides a good foundation,” Paul notes. The process includes ‘takedowns’ of the original scores, adapting them to the large orchestra and choir, creating a live recording experience akin to a Hollywood film scoring session.

Collaborations and Memorable Rehearsals

Collaboration with original composers is a cornerstone of “Heroes.” Paul maintains a dialogue with renowned composers like Nobuo Uematsu, Inon Zur, and Jesper Kyd, ensuring their vision is realized in the live performances. These collaborations bring an authenticity and depth to the concert that resonates with fans of the original soundtracks.

Rehearsals for “Heroes” are filled with magical moments, as described by Paul. A recent rehearsal in Cincinnati saw the orchestra “on fire,” perfectly hitting all the cues, while two soloist sopranos from Atlanta left everyone mesmerized. “Dragon Age 2 music never sounded so good!” Paul recalls with enthusiasm.

rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes, conducted by Miriam Burns brings together the powerful visuals and stunning musical scores of favourite video games at The Sydney Opera House. Executively Produced by Jason Michael Paul and Produced and Directed by Ryan Hamlyn.

The Hero’s Journey and Audience Engagement

The narrative of “Heroes” mirrors the hero’s journey in its structure, with each game representing a chapter in the story. This approach has been successful, as Paul points out, with Nigel Carrington leading concert-goers on this epic journey. The audience response has been overwhelmingly positive, with standing ovations and raucous applause at every performance. “That’s the confirmation I need to keep doing what I am doing,” says Paul.

Looking Ahead: Future Projects and Impact

Paul’s vision for the future is clear and ambitious. He sees “Heroes” as a way to usher in the next generation of symphony-goers, using popular culture and gaming icons. Upcoming projects include exploring new game franchises like Baldur’s Gate 3, Assassin’s Creed, and The Last of Us. His advice to aspiring artists is to persevere and stay passionate: “Results don’t happen overnight… Video games continue to evolve, keeping it fresh and exciting.”

As for the impact he wishes to leave with “Heroes,” Paul is determined to prove critics wrong and make the concert appeal to a wide array of gamers. “This is my own brand of concert,” he states, aiming to make every show perfect and constantly striving for improvement.

In Jason Michael Paul’s journey with “Heroes: A Video Game Symphony,” we see a blend of personal passion, collaborative effort, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s a symphony not just for gamers but for anyone who appreciates the power of music and storytelling.