SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Bay has several unique and vibrant hidden gems to visit, including Whimzeyland in Safety Harbor.

In 1985, Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda purchased a home, also known as “Bowling Ball House.”

“When we bought the house, it was brown, basically,” Ramquist said.

Ramquist and Kiaralinda, who live inside the home, met while in middle school and have a mutual love for collecting and making art.

In a way, that is how “Whimzeyland” began.

“Things started growing in the yard, let’s put it that way,” Kiaralinda said.

If you take a walk around, you will see pops of color. Mosaic tiles, trees made out of bottles, paintings, mirrors, bowling balls and birdcages are only a few of the things used to decorate their home.

The owners said they encourage people to come up to their yard, take pictures and enjoy the art outdoors.

“We get notes dropped in the mailbox. A lot of them are along the same lines of ‘I’ve been having a terrible week’ or ‘lost my job and first place I thought I’d come is Whimzeyland to come and hang out’,” Ramquist said.

Over the years, Ramquist and Kiaralinda have even been able to open a community art center, known as the Safety Harbor Art and Music Center, which is about half a mile away from Whimzeyland.

“That’s a legacy. That place is going to be here forever and that is going to teach kids art and we’re showcasing music,” Kiaralinda said.

For more information regarding tours of “Whimzeyland”, check out their website.