TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — You can snack on some popcorn and watch new and classic films at this gem of Tampa Bay.

The Tampa Theatre has been one of the most iconic venues in downtown Tampa since it opened in 1926.

“When Tampa Theatre opened, there was no television. If you wanted to watch a motion picture on a screen, you had to come to a building like this,” Tampa Theatre Vice-President, Director of Marketing & Community Relations Jill Witecki said.

For years, it has been a treasured place with memories of first dates and family outings

“Usually when people walk in, it is that jaw-dropping moment of never having seen something like this before,” Witecki said.

She said she still remembers the first time she visited.

“In high school for French culture day, and my mom was one of the chaperones,” she said. “Watching this French movie, that was by far the most scandalous thing any of us had ever seen, by the way.”

The theatre was designed by architect John Eberson and features a ceiling resembling a twinkling night sky.

“It gives you that feeling of being outdoors and the windows and the roof lines,” Witecki said.

The local landmark also remains using an organ during silent film screenings.

“A Wurlitzer organ was kind of standard equipment for a theatre this unit orchestra could take the place of the entire 17-piece orchestra.”

Some upcoming films include a Paul Reubens tribute on Friday Aug. 4, Planet of the Apes on Sunday Aug. 6 and Oppenheimer Aug. 6 thru Aug. 17.

Check out Tampa Theatre’s website for pricing and showtimes.