TAMPA (BLOOM) – Sara Davison, best known as The Divorce Coach, graces this episode of Bloom Health Club. With a best-selling book and a Top 20 Podcast ‘Heartbreak to Happiness’, Davison brings her unique blend of coaching skills and personal divorce experience to the show. The episode focuses on unique and fresh perspectives about the often-overlooked wellness aspects of heartbreak and relationships.

Top Five Devastating Effects of Heartbreak on Your Body

Heartbreak, known to be the second most traumatic life experience after the death of a loved one, takes center stage in one segment. Sara Davison delves deep into the physiological impacts that heartbreak can have on your body, such as sleep deprivation, anxiety, and stress hormones flooding the system. “The ripple effect of heartbreak is often underestimated,” Davison notes. “Self-care and wellness are crucial during these turbulent times.”

Breaking Up With a Difficult Partner

Another hot topic to be discussed is the unique challenges that come with breaking up with a controlling or narcissistic partner. Davison, who calls these individuals “difficult people,” offers expert advice on tactics to navigate through the breakup without escalating abusive behavior. “The abuse doesn’t necessarily stop when you leave a difficult partner,” warns Davison. “It’s crucial to know how to protect yourself emotionally and legally.”

Consciously Recoupling: It’s a Thing

In a time where divorce rates are reaching new highs, Davison takes a more optimistic route by talking about “Consciously Recoupling.” Financial strain and job insecurity have strained even healthy relationships, but Davison offers a ray of hope. “Awareness of these pitfalls and proactive communication can actually strengthen your relationship,” she says, offering actionable tips to couples looking to reconnect in these challenging times.

Is Divorce Contagious?

Sara Davison also addresses the phenomenon of ‘divorce contagion,’ where one couple’s breakup can instigate a chain reaction within a social circle. The segment will explore how divorce clustering can affect relationships and offer advice on maintaining your own partnership in the midst of societal pressures.

‘Tis The Season: Christmas-holiday-proofing Your Relationship

With the holiday season around the corner, Davison sheds light on how to “Christmas-holiday-proof” your relationship. She discusses common pitfalls and offers advice on navigating the high-stress holiday period, aiming to help couples keep the peace, harmony, and magic alive over Christmas.