Tampa (BLOOM) – Bestselling author Andi Lew joins the latest episode of Bloom Tampa Bay to discuss her newest health title, “Treasured Chest, Exposing Explants & Empowering You!”, and the urgent issue of Breast Implant Illness (BII). Known for her dedication to wellness education, Andi shares her personal journey and insights into the rising health concern affecting millions worldwide.

In this eye-opening episode, Andi breaks down the commonly misunderstood subject of BII and how it nearly cost her life due to an undetected rupture that even six surgeons and an MRI didn’t pick up. She explains how the desire for body enhancement can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation, providing a compelling argument for understanding the risks involved.

Andi advises a proactive approach to recognizing and treating BII; instead of suffering in silence, she emphasizes the importance of doing the research and seeking qualified medical advice. She believes that informed choices lead to more empowering outcomes, reducing the risk of complications related to breast implants.

Discussing ways to address the issue, Andi identifies three pillars crucial for those affected by BII: education, support, and medical intervention. By focusing on these areas, one can embark on an explant journey that is not just life-changing but potentially life-saving.

One of the most eye opening parts of the conversation revolves around the choices individuals face when dealing with breast implants. Andi emphasizes that you have two options: either continue risking your health or make an informed decision to explant. According to her, the most empowered individuals are those who take their health into their own hands.

To further illustrate the gravity of the issue, Andi shares personal anecdotes and feedback from others who have reached out to her for help, explaining how her book has become an essential guide for those considering or undergoing explant surgery.

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Tune into this digital episode to immerse yourself in Andi Lew’s transformative wisdom. Learn not just about the dangers and complexities of Breast Implant Illness but also how to navigate the explant journey toward personal health and freedom.