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According to Doc’s Outside the Box, Ozone IV therapy is a unique form of treatment that heals and detoxifies at the same time. It is an effective option for chronic illness including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, chronic fatigue, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, colitis, auto-immune diseases, Crohn’s disease, immune and breathing disorders.

The “IV” in IV Therapy stands for “intravenous.” It is an effective procedure where a special “cocktail” of vitamins and nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream.

The most well-known of IV therapies is the Myers Cocktail. During the 1960s, Dr. John Myers, an internist from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, pioneered the use of intravenous (IV) vitamins and minerals as part of the overall treatment of various medical problems.

He concluded that because of our digestive, absorptive, and detoxification systems, only a small fraction of the vitamins and minerals we take in are actually absorbed into our bloodstream.

Dr. Myers proposed that a harmless mixture of key nutritional supplements be given in an intravenous infusion to literally flood each cell in the body with nutrition to improve their performance, thus the Myers Cocktail was created.

There are times when vitamins and minerals may be needed in high concentrations in order to improve health. Some illnesses can also make it even more difficult to properly digest and absorb nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract. That’s where IV therapies come in and can make all the difference.

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