TAMPA (BLOOM) – As Breast Cancer Awareness Month rolls around, it’s impossible to ignore some unsettling facts. Did you know that up to 50% of breast cancers are missed in women with dense breast tissue? That’s a jarring statistic, but there’s a silver lining. Meet Auria, powered by Healthyr—an at-home breast health assessment that uses tears, not blood, to identify breast cancer risks.

The Mission Behind Healthyr: Taking the Doctor’s Office Home

Before we deep-dive into Auria, let’s talk about the company behind it—Healthyr. With a laser-focused mission to make healthcare not just accessible but also affordable, Healthyr is bringing your favorite healthcare services under one virtual roof. From at-home screenings to telehealth consultations and digital wellness guidance, Healthyr is a one-stop-shop for personalized healthcare.

How Auria Works: Science Meets Simplicity

Now, let’s get to the science but in a way that everyone can understand. Auria identifies two protein biomarkers found in your tears. These proteins are indicators of inflammation in breast tissue and potential pre-tumor formation. By using tears instead of blood, Auria sidesteps the often uncomfortable and inconvenient procedures traditionally associated with such tests. It’s a marriage of cutting-edge proteomic technology and user-friendly design.

The Problem Auria Solves: A Lifesaving Leap in Technology

Imagine this: half of women over 40 have dense breast tissue, which significantly increases their risk of developing breast cancer. Now, remember that 50% of breast cancers in these women are missed by standard mammograms. Scary, right? That’s precisely where Auria steps in. This test ensures that all women, regardless of their breast density, have access to reliable, early breast cancer screening.

Accessibility and Ease-of-Use: Five Minutes to Peace of Mind

Picture this: Your Auria test kit arrives in the mail. You pop the ice pack in the freezer (this helps preserve your sample), register your test online, and then it’s showtime. All you need is a mere five minutes to collect your tear sample using the kit’s collection paper. Once that’s done, just drop it off at your nearest FedEx with the prepaid overnight return envelope. And then? You can expect your results digitally within about 10 working days. Yep, it’s that simple!

Affordability: High-Quality Healthcare that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Let’s talk money without cringing. The Auria test retails for $159, but keep an eye out for special discounts, especially during October (hello, Breast Cancer Awareness Month!). At just $139 with the discount, it’s a steal. Worried about upfront payments? Services like PayPal PayLater and AfterPay are available to spread out your payments.

Unique Features: It’s for Every Woman

Whether you have normal, dense, or implanted breasts, Auria has got you covered. Plus, the test kit comes with a clinical consultation, offering you the opportunity to get answers to any questions you might have.

Why Auria Stands Out: Early Detection for All Ages

Auria is not only the first of its kind in at-home breast cancer screening but also the first test recommended for women in their 30s. With breast cancer rates on the rise among younger women, early detection is more critical than ever.