The Co-Founders of “Husband Strength” and “Wife Strength”, Dr. Gino Collura and Sadie Collura, joined Gayle Guyardo, the host of the global health and wellness show, Bloom, to answer your viewer questions about how to find and create lasting love, and to demonstrate their “Lend Your Hand” exercise.

  1. How do you make a relationship resilient through life’s adversities?

Dr. Gino says, “You need to look at your relationship like a rubber band… If you look at it as a fragile glass house, that any sort of shift or change is going to crack something or is going to break, you’re going to have a problem because you have to be able to change with life’s circumstances.”

  1. How do you accept and embrace relationship changes?

Sadie says, “That would just require being able to have hard conversations… Being able to sit down and have an uncomfortable conversation and voice ‘hey I’m not liking this so much’ or ‘hey I love this’ and communicating that openly and honestly with your partner is going to make a world of a difference.”

  1. What are some tips for better communication for the long haul?

Dr. Gino says, “Anytime there’s a hard discussion that comes up, right, the concept of validation and affirmation is very important.”