Aging with perspective

Mindset & Performance Coach Debbie Lundberg joined Gayle Guyardo the host of the global health and wellness show Bloom to share the importance of aging with perspective.

“Embracing instead of denying age is important. People shouldn’t strive to get back to a certain age, weight or anything.” said Lundberg.

She went on to say “The concept of anti-aging is all around us, and yet there is only one solution or way to anti-age and that is death. That is not meant to sound morbid, just realistic. Anti-Aging isn’t possible, but aging gracefully is.” said Lundberg.

Lundberg said we should look at aging through the ABCs.

Attitude – Age is a number, and it is real. The way you approach it, with grace, gratitude, and anticipation, or with gripe, dread, and complaint, will matter in how you are received, perceived, and how you conceive of your age.

Belief – Believing in yourself, your opportunities and your results will yield you an older and wiser approach to living rather than an old and dated way of living life.

Confidence – Being confident at any age, is the best accessory and age-embracing approach to living, learning and really loving life.

“Resist waxing poetic about how wonderful things were in the past and be realistic in the present for relevance, and don’t say things like “I’m old, so” or “I don’t get, since I am the oldest person here”. said Lundberg.