Teen and parent life coach Desiree Panliliio joined Bloom to help get parents and students ready for college.

Here’s are some pointers to keep in mind Desiree shared on Bloom:

1. College Prep has changed so much over the years, and parents and teens face a huge learning curve as they start the college process. I encourage parents to start educating themselves about the process once your teen starts high school. It is easier to be on a slow learning curve than feeling overwhelmed your teens senior year when applications are due in November.

2. Use the school college counselor or find a private college counselor. Make sure it is a fit that works for you and your teen. I know parents feel that their teen should do all the work, but it is a lot of work and I encourage parents to be active. Active by helping with deadline check ins, or looking at college campuses.

3. College tours are a great way to get a feel of the college. I have two tips for parents. Do not add in your thoughts about the campus or the college. This is your teens choice, let them create their own first impression. Have your teen write down their thoughts about the campus after the tour, before you as a parent offer your thoughts. Then let your teen share their thoughts, ask questions not opinions

4 College is a financial discussion as well. Parents are sometimes shocked by that, but it is real. College is not cheap, student loans have to be repaid so have that discussion early in the process. In state tuition versus out of state. It is something to look at and what is realistic for your family.

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