SEFFNER, Fla. (WFLA) – An accused bounty hunter is facing a new slew of felonies for allegedly plying another profession that requires a different type of license he also does not have.

A video captured Stanley Wilson knocking on the door of a Seffner home in December. He is heard kicking it in about 90 seconds into the video.

“Come on out. Come on out,” Wilson is yelled to Chris Spencer. “Come on [expletive.] Come on.”

A crashing sound is heard, right before the sound of Spencer’s voice.

“You just hit me in the head,” Spencer said.

“I sure did,” Wilson said. “I sure did.”

Working as a bounty hunter to apprehend fugitives is illegal in Florida. You need a bondsman license to do that, but investigators said Wilson did not have one when he tried to arrest a woman named Jessica Barry around Christmas.

He also had the wrong address. A woman with the same named lived with Spencer, but she was not the bond-violator on the warrant Wilson tried to serve.

Wilson is charged with working as an unlicensed bondsman, criminal mischief for breaking down the door, and battery from the door hitting Spencer in the head.

The state attorney also alleged Wilson acted as a bondsman about two months before the Seffner incident, teaming up with Felicia Ann Wells and Chinecqua Walker last October “by apprehending, detaining or arresting” an alleged bond violator. Wells and Walker are also charged in the October case, but neither one has returned requests for comment.

A search of Hillsborough County court records reveals Wilson has posted bond for several others in recent years, but when 8 on Your Side contacted him about those cases, Wilson denied he did anything illegal.

“You don’t need a license to post someone’s bond,” he said.

Now, an entirely different “scheme” is detailed in a court document that alleges Wilson worked illegally in another field that requires a license.

Wilson has been charged with seven felonies, including six counts of acting as an insurance agent without a license and one count of fraud less than $20,000.

The crimes allegedly occurred between October 2018 through September of 2020. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office investigated all three cases but has not said if the insurance crimes were uncovered while detectives were looking into Wilson’s alleged activities as an unlicensed bondman.