TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Ron Collins wanted a special suit for his son’s wedding day.

“Being the father of the groom, you would like to look your best,” he said. “I wanted to look as if I had clothes that fit.”

Being in a wheelchair, Collins said he wanted a made-to-order suit with a shorter jacket, and tailored pants.
He went to Greiner’s Fine Men’s Clothing in downtown Sarasota in November and paid $3,065.56 in full and was promised the suit would be ready for the May wedding.

It never arrived.

“I’d been given stories that there were supply chain issues, then I’d been told there was an issue with customs, and then I was told there was an issue with it being lost in the shipment, and then finally they said, it’s not arriving,” Collins said.

Collins said the salesman at Greiner’s apologized and promised a full refund. They gave him an off-the rack suit, but he says it didn’t fit well and while he was grateful to have something to wear for the wedding —
he never got that refund. Nine weeks later, still no refund.

“He seems genuinely sincere that he’s sorry for the discomfort that he’s caused, that he’s going to refund my money in full, and he looks me in the eye and says that this will happen,” he said. “And then it doesn’t.”

In text messages, the salesman promised his refund would arrive in April and then again in May.

8 on Your Side investigator Shannon Behnken went to Greiner’s to find out where it was. The owner told Shannon by phone that he thought the refund had already processed and he would make it right. Ten minutes later, Collins said he had a “pending” credit on his credit card for the full amount.

Better Call Behnken will stay on this to make sure it goes through.