TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office confirms it opened a criminal investigation into accusations against roofer Christopher Mouyous.

Three homeowners tell 8 On Your Side they paid Mouyous deposits, but he never did the work, so they sued.

All three homeowners won civil judgments, but weeks later, they haven’t collected a single red cent. So, they asked Investigator Mahsa Saeidi to help track him down.

When 8 On Your Side caught up with Mr. Mouyous, we showed him copies of the three civil judgments filed against him.

Three homeowners each told a court they gave Mr. Mouyous thousands, but got nothing in return except sob stories. When we asked him about this, we got a few explanations as well. Mouyous blamed the economy, his family and health issues.

“I had a horrible heart attack,” said Mr. Mouyous. “The COVID vaccine killed me.  I died.  Sorry, I’m not the same person.”

“Judi is a cancer survivor, just like you had a heart attack,” Investigator Mahsa Saeidi responded.

Judi Engel says she gave Mr. Mouyous a $5,340 deposit, one-third of her life savings. She showed 8 On Your Side the contract she signed last August.

Judi claims once Mr. Mouyous got her money, he pulled a vanishing act.

“I had to do the paperwork for taking him to court myself,” she said.

Janice Smith and Kim Bonati also contend Mr. Mouyous took their deposits, then stopped taking their calls.

“Even if I can’t get my $16,000-something back, this can’t happen to other individuals,” said Kim.

“$4,500, was money that I did not plan to give away and I could not afford to give it away,” said Janice.

The women called 8 On Your Side hoping to get their money back.

We found Mr. Mouyous working in the garage of someone else’s home.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” he said.

“Well they can’t believe you took their money,” Mahsa explained.

He did not promise to pay back his customers, and after ending the interview and asking us to leave, Mr. Mouyous also asked 8 On Your Side not to do this story.

“I can’t make anybody a promise… I can’t pay my own bills at the moment,” he said. “That would destroy my life if you really want to put me in jail or do whatever you want to do. That’s fine.”

“I don’t want to do anything Chris, I want these people to get their money back,” Mahsa replied.

“I’m an honest, hardworking roofer, always have been. Still to this day. I’ll get up on the roof with anybody and show them how to do it. I’m an expert literally,” he said.

Mr. Mouyous has a valid license in the state.

Last year, Judi Engel contacted the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. At the time, deputies said it was a civil matter, and they closed the case. But a day after 8 On Your Side started asking questions, they reopened it.

We are told that the Economic Crimes Unit is looking into the matter, and the investigation is active.

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