TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Multiple homeowners told 8 On Your Side that the roofer they hired never fixed their roofs and ran off with their money.

The three homeowners won civil judgments against Christopher Mouyos, but they say authorities did nothing for them and they never saw a cent.

“Very, very angry that he took my money,” Janice Smith said last month.

The homeowners called 8 On Your Side, and Mahsa Saeidi’s investigation sparked an arrest.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s office had closed this case in December 2022 after they determined it was a civil matter. But after 8OYS started asking questions, something changed.

When we caught up with Mouyos, he mostly blamed health issues.

“I’m an honest, hardworking roofer, always have been. Still to this day,” he said. “I can’t pay my own bills at the moment.”

“I didn’t steal from anybody by the way,” he added.

Part of his defense?  Mouyos stated there had been no action against him by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

He was right.

“And if it was theft, I’d be in jail for theft. But I’m not,” he said. But soon, he was.

One day after 8OYS started asking questions, deputies reopened the case. Two weeks later, Mouyos was charged with grand theft:  three felonies for the three alleged victims.

Judi Engel and Janice Smith had both obtained judgments against him.

“So, I was like, yes! Step 1 accomplished,” said Ms. Engel.

“I felt relief,” said Mrs. Smith.

The homeowners still haven’t recovered their money. However, they say they’re hopeful something like this won’t happen to anyone else.

“We feel if you hadn’t done this the sheriff’s office had already closed my case,” said Ms. Engel. “You’ve saved so many people that don’t even know you’ve saved them.”

Mouyos is due in court later this month.

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