TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — On Dec. 13, three insurance adjusters told lawmakers their estimates were changed to reduce payouts to victims of Hurricane Ian.

Then, more than two months later, Florida’s Republican Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis launched an investigation.

Now, one former state CFO says that delay is unacceptable.

“The CFO of this state is responsible for looking after the insurance consumers,” said Alex Sink, who was Florida’s Chief Financial officer in 2007, under then-Gov. Charlie Crist. “Who is fighting for us, the little people?”

The Democrat is critical of Patronis and his handling of fraud investigations.

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, before the Florida House Commerce Committee on Dec. 13, insurance adjuster’s testified their estimates had been manipulated, to reduce payouts to storm victims.

“They’ve got to stop changing our estimates,” said Mark Vinson, a Florida Licensed Insurance Adjuster.

Initially, the CFO’s office told 8 On Your Side their investigation launched Feb. 20. That’s more than two months after the House meeting. Two adjusters confirmed this alleged delay.

They told 8 On Your Side Investigator Mahsa Saeidi, investigators with the CFO’s office reached out to them on Feb. 20.

Now, in a statement, the CFO’s office says there was an earlier investigation that was “closed due to lack of participation by witnesses.”

They did not say who did the investigation or when.

Patronis’ office also says with the current investigation “fraud detectives have interviewed several witnesses and collected thousands of documents of evidence.”

Sink says it’s too little, too late.

“I would’ve called in the CEO’s of those insurance companies and said explain to me how this can happen in your business,” said Sink, “Explain what happened, what are you doing here.”

“I think the CFO has definitely dropped the ball here.”

Patronis’ office says the CFO has helped more than 2,000 families impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Together, those families have collected $11 million from insurance companies.

Also, after the storm, we’re told the CFO deployed 43 insurance fraud detectives.

Florida’s Insurance Commissioner Michael Yaworsky plays a role here too.

As the head of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR), Yaworsky is in charge of regulating insurance companies.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said OIR has launched an investigation into these fraud allegations as well.

OIR is revealing less information than the CFO’s Office.

8 On Your Side asked if Commissioner Yaworsky had issued any fines or penalties against any insurance companies in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

One month later, OIR is staying hush.

We will continue to follow up to get this information for storm victims.

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