PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) — Four homeowners along Oak Avenue in Palm Harbor hired a company to construct seawalls behind their homes.

Now, more than a year later, the projects aren’t complete and one homeowner is dealing with dangerous, deep holes left in her backyard.

Now, they say the contractor, Seawall Services, Inc., has stopped taking their calls.

“There’s really little accountability for these guys to come back,” homeowner Deena Winter said, who is left with dangerous holes in her yard. “One of my friend’s dog’s came over and literally fell right in that hole, and when he fell in the hole, it’s 6 feet down.”

Winter has what at first looks like a working seawall, but she’s discovered big problems with the way it was put in.

“The seawall itself did not have the appropriate rebar put in there before the concrete wall, the sea cap was poured, so because the wrong rebar was put in, it’s not the right strength to hold back having a pool on the property,” she said.

The engineer’s report confirmed this.

“Rebar reinforcement was not constructed per the permitted plans,” it reads.

It also said the anchors “are not structurally supportive enough.”

The engineer’s report laid out three options to repair or replace the seawall. The report is dated March 8, 2022 and advises the repairs be done “as soon as possible” so they are completed before the rainy season. That didn’t happen.

Better Call Behnken reached out to Kirby and Jay Bowers, two of the owners of Seawall Services Inc. Jay Bowers said they’ll come back to Winter’s property Thursday and resume work.

The brothers explained their company is suffering from labor shortages and the rising cost of supplies.

Jay Bowers insists the company followed the original engineer plans they had.