TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – MacDill Air Force Base is no stranger to problems with its housing. 

In a new report from the Miltary Family Advisory Network, 105 families who spent time living in on-base housing at MacDill responded to a survey in which they spoke out about issues such a mold, maintenance and other concerns.

In the survey, 60 percent of families that responded to the survey cited concerns with maintenance, repairs or remediation, while 54 percent of those families shared concerns with mold.

Other major issues for military families at MacDill included environmental illnesses and structural concerns of the housing. 

This wasn’t the first time MacDill families made note of their concerns.

In February, two women who lived at MacDill traveled to Washington, D.C. to appear before a Senate Armed Services committee meeting to voice concern over problems at base housing at MacDill and across the country.

In March, families were given a Tenant Bill of Rights, outlining what can be done and provided if their assigned housing is found to be substandard.

This all comes after Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson met with several families to discuss the issues of health and housing.