TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Five months after Hurricane Ian and families are still struggling to get their homes repaired. So, what’s taking so long?

Tuesday marks exactly five months since Hurricane Ian struck Florida.

We’ve discovered more than 4,700 people have filed a complaint against their insurance company and that’s the data from just one state agency.

“I call five, six, seven times, sometimes, a day and our adjuster goes straight to voicemail,” said Amira Antelo.

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Last month, Amira and Joe Fox were living in an RV on their lot in Port Charlotte.

Hurricane Ian had destroyed much of their home but for months, they struggled with the claims payment process.

Amira Fox says insurance was not approving bids to repair the roof, floors and walls.

That’s when she sent 8 On Your Side Investigator Mahsa Saeidi an email.

For days, 8 On Your Side contacted more than half a dozen people at her insurance company, seeking answers.

“When we reached out to you it’s because we really needed help from somebody,” said Amira.

Now, there is major progress, the RV has been hauled away.

“I think we’re just so happy, we got our yard back,” said Joe.

The roof is patched up and for the first time since the storm, Amira and Joe Fox have walls again.

“As soon as you got involved, it was like immediately, two hours later, the ball got rolling and that’s how we got this done,” said Amira Fox. “We’re very grateful to you guys.”

“I was pretty shocked myself!” said Joe Fox.

8 On Your Side wanted to know how many more Floridians were waiting for a check, post-Hurricane Ian.

We made a public records request to Florida’s Chief Financial Officer and found, there have been 4,719 complaints.

It’s mostly storm victims reporting a claims delay, denial or dispute.

According to Jimmy Patronis’ Office, they’ve helped families recover nearly $15 million in insurance proceeds.

Amira and Joe Fox say insurers aren’t the only ones that can slow down recovery.

“You’re a contractor?” said Mahsa Saeidi, “And you’re saying beware of other contractors?”

Correct,” said Joe, “they can be overcharging and add additional line items that are unnecessary.”

The couple’s tips: Reach out to multiple contractors, request estimates are sent to you, not just the insurer; and read them thoroughly, so your repair funds aren’t prematurely depleted.

“It doesn’t matter if we have doors. We’re just grateful to be back inside”

Now, the couple is finishing up minor repairs as they slowly rebuild their old routine.

“The aftermath, it’s taken a toll on us,” said Amira Fox, “we find ourselves arguing, which we never argue.”

“It’s tough, you lose weight and gain weight because you’re depressed and stressed, that’s another thing,” said Joe Fox.

If you’re having a dispute with your insurance company, you can request mediation through the CFO’s office.  You can find out more about the process here.

For free, a third-party mediator will help you settle your claim.

Meantime, if you’d like to share your experience after Hurricane Ian, please send Mahsa an email at MSaeidi@WFLA.com