CITRUS PARK, Fla. (WFLA) – A Citrus Park woman is at it again, but this time around, Code Enforcement is taking quick action.

Neighbors claim for the last few weeks, Brenda Owings hauled in truckloads of junk and trash and dumped it in the front of her Amherst Street property for all to see and smell.

Will she be keeping all of the clutter?

“None of your damned business,” said Owings.

Neighbor Bob Mullins is sick of it.

According to Mullins, you can’t see the trash, it’s now hidden under tarps, but you can smell it.

“This is our homestead and she just disrupts it all the time,” explained Mullins.

The county is very aware of Brenda Owings.

For years, she ignored Code Enforcement citations about the junk piled high and stacked from one end to the other on her lot on Berkford Avenue, just around the corner from Amherst Street.

After complaining for years about county inaction, Bob Mullins contacted Target 8 in 2014.

We found the county fined Owings $50 dollars a day since 1997 for code violations.

In 2014, she owed $316,000.

One month after we started asking questions, the county brought in heavy equipment and hauled off an estimated 408 tons of junk at a cost of $61,000.

When Owings didn’t repay the $61,000, the county filed a lien then sold her property.

According to the new owner, Owings is moving what’s left of her things.

Owings managed to dance around Code Enforcement efforts on Berkford Avenue for about 17 years.

The county issued her a notice to appear in court at the end of the month.

Code Enforcement plans to ask a judge to order her to bring her property into compliance.

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