SunPass billing errors begin surfacing after delayed upgrade

SunPass customers beware.

Florida's "upgraded" tolling system continues bumbling and stumbling. If you check the charges the state is tacking onto your accounts, you may be in for a surprise.

For Plant City trucker John Northrup, paying about 100 tolls a month, is a cost of doing business in Florida. "I go in every weekend, I look at my account, I look at my transactions," explained Mr. Northrup.

Since May 30, when the state shut down its SunPass system for a 6-day reboot, only six transactions have posted to John's account. But of the six that have posted, how many are 100 percent accurate?

"One," said John.

John's rig has five axles.  SunPass, on two of the six transactions, charged him for six axles.

And there are other issues.

"Why do I have a tag number showing up on my account that's not my registered tag?" John asked.

On three other transactions, receipts in his account show John's transponder are attached to tags that aren't his.

Before this much ballyhooed revamp, finding SunPass errors in your online account was pretty easy.
As for the new version?

"It seems like it's not geared up to be user friendly to be able to catch errors and omissions, it's almost like, we don't want that information out there for you to find," John said.

Every day, the FDOT puts out updates, stating as improvements to the system move foward, it plans to post 8 million transactions a day.  

On Wednesday it stated 3 million were added, Thursday 2 million and on Friday, an additional 2.5 million transactions were added. 

"I've got zero confidence in the tolling system, I think it's flawed," states John.

If you have a problem that you think needs to be investigated call our 8 ON YOUR SIDE HELPLINE at 1-800-338-0808 or contact Steve Andrews at

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