Pinellas judge returned toddler to mom despite guardian’s objections before child’s murder


Confidential court records obtained by 8 On Your Side reveal that a Guardian Ad Litem tried to block Jordan Belliveau’s reunification with his mother just a few months before his alleged murder at her hands.

Tuesday, Largo police arrested Charisse Stinson for killing Belliveau three days after she reported he’d been abducted by a stranger named Antwan. She later confessed to striking the child, making up the abduction story and dumping his body in some nearby woods.

The court records show that Pinellas Circuit Judge Kimberly Todd signed an order May 30, returning Belliveau to the custody of his mother after a year and a half in foster care.

Todd followed the recommendation of a General Magistrate, despite the objection of a Guardian Ad Litem, who insisted Stinson had not undergone required counseling that was part of her parenting plan.

The Magistrate signed court records but the signature is illegible. The Pinellas Courts refused to disclose the name of the Magistrate who recommended the child’s return to his mother’s care, citing the confidentiality of dependency records. 8 On Your Side obtained the records from another source.

One of Judge Todd’s conditions for Jordan’s reunification with his mother was “stable housing and income” but records show that soon after her child’s return, Stinson had neither. She was jobless, penniless and her landlord was evicting her, but no one intervened.

Child abuse records released Thursday reveal that Largo police had to use a bullhorn to get Stinson to open her door after she refused to answer when a child protective investigator showed up for a home visit in August.

That same month, the child’s court-appointed Guardian says she refused access to her apartment or to let her see Jordan during another home visit intended to ensure his safety.

Last Friday, the day before Belliveau’s alleged murder at his mother’s hands, a caseworker from Directions for Living paid a visit and concluded Belliveau was not at any risk.

A day later he was dead after his mother admits she backhanded him in frustration and his head hit a wall inside her apartment.

Stinson told investigators the boy suffered seizures but she made no attempt to call for medical help before she dumped him in nearby woods where he was discovered Tuesday.

Abuse reports released Thursday indicate Stinson was willing to surrender her parental rights at one point but later changed her mind and petitioned the court for his return to her care.

Someone close to Stinson described Stinson to abuse investigators as a “helicopter” parent despite her history of drug abuse, domestic violence and gang associations.

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