Lawmaker wants all tolls waived until SunPass contractor is removed or gets it right

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) - A Hillsborough County lawmaker doubts that a company hired by the state to merge several SunPass services into one operation can competently bill millions of Floridian SunPass customers.

State Representative Janet Cruz (D) Hillsborough County has asked Governor Scott to suspend or waive all tolls until Conduent State and Local Solutions is either replaced or can prove itself.

The Florida Department of Transportation awarded Conduent a $287 million contract even though it has a history of problems in other states.  

For a month it was unable to process toll charges by SunPass customers.

"That's why I'm saying suspend these tolls, wipe the slate clear for Floridians until these guys can take responsibility for their gross negligence," explained Rep. Cruz. 

A six day upgrade turned into a month long lockout for SunPass customers.  

"Honestly if you worked in corporate America and you came and brought services like this to a corporation, you would just straight out be fired," said Rep. Cruz.

FDOT urged patience throughout June.

The state then suspended payments to Conduent.

Cruz has run out of patience with FDOT

"I haven 't heard a word from FDOT. I am learning from you guys. I'm learning as I watch the stories unravel on television, no one has reached out to me about this," she stated.

Conduent's troubles are not unique to Florida.

Our sister station, KXAN-TV in Austin, has done a series of investigative reports about Conduent's toll billing problems in Texas.

"A woman with a $41,000  bill from the same company in Texas, that is ridiculous and that is going to happen to more Floridians," warned Rep. Cruz. 

Like others, Cruz has questions about why Florida awarded a contract to Conduent in the first place.

"Why would we award a contract to a company that has issues in eight different states?" she asked.

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