Did the company of Home Shopping Network personality Joy Mangano, Ingenious Designs, LLC., produce a dangerous and defective product?

A lot of complants on the HSN website claim it did.

Now two women profiled in an 8 On Your Side investigation filed a lawsuit asserting they suffered severe burns from Mangano’s My Little Steamer.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in New York federal court, where Ingenious Designs is located, charges the company put customers at risk.

Last winter, hot steam and boiling water meant to smooth away wrinkles, burned away skin on Patricia Schere’s ankle and foot.

“It was so painful,” Patricia recalled. 

On her webpage, Joy Mangano’s My Little Steamer looks easy and safe.

“And I thought, ‘oh great she’s got a steamer,'” Patricia remembered. So she bought one.

According to Patricia, the first time she tried to use it on a piece of clothing she had hung on a closet door, steam and boiling water erupted, scorching her ankle and foot.

Last August as she was getting ready for sororiety recruitment, Stella Rue, hung a dress she planned to steam. 

“It just started to spit on my leg, it started blistering right away,” Stella explained. 

Stella and Patricia suffered severe burns.

Their attorney, Christa Collins, of Tampa, filed the lawsuit, stating the common thread shared by both women is the conduct of the company.

“We intend to prove that the company knew about the tendency of these steamers to spontaneously erupt scalding water when they were being used properly and they sold them anyway,” Christa Collins stated. 

The lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court claims Ingenious Designs and Home Shopping Network learned of the dangerous defective nature of the steamers from customer complaints as early as September 2013.

She claims her investigation has yielded a robust amount of information.

“Giving us a window into what the company knew and when they knew it and also showing that they sold the product anyway, knowing that the steamers would spontaneously erupt when properly used, scalding people and leaving significant burns,” Collins added.

Collins represents other clients in a class action lawsuit filed in California.

“We haven’t heard anything from Joy Mangano, but we will get to the bottom of all that and we will get answers,” Collins explained.

According to latest lawsuit, “While live segments were ongoing additional steamers that were new and had just been opened from their boxes to be used in the live segment were leaking and spewing boiling water off-camera, once again causing burns to models and staff.”

Collins contends the company had an obligation to warn its customers of the danger and it did not.

“I wish I would’ve never touched that steamer. It just left a really, really ugly scar,” Stella said.

“My concern is that nobody else gets hurt,” Patricia added.

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